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AndIThoughT© …….. About Healthcare #3 March 17, 2010

Posted by Saba Rahman in Health Care.
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AndIThoT© ………. that most Democrats want to pass this healthcare bill ASAP but the Republicans want no part of it.  Some democrats agree with the Republicans,  though their reasons are not the same.  I am split between DemocratMe and RepublicanMe. Where are we going with all this political maneuvers.  All this information and misinformation is creating an information overload. How can BothOfMe be right? OneOfMe is not right. How do I convince BothOfMe that TheRealMe doesnot believe in either.

AndIWondR© …… Why some people cannot understand that TheRealMe  neither wants to be a RepublicanMe nor a DemocratMe.  TheRealMe wants to stay independent. Just wants to be Me ……………   AndThenIThoT© there must be a reason.